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Beta:v0.4 beta 2

I've been with PostNuke since it forked from PHPNuke. And almost a year before that with PHPNuke. I've seen the developer community creating some magnificent modules, blocks and themes. They really gave me everything my little heart could hope for. Except for a decent chat module. Since I was kind of very bored I decided to make my own.

I started looking for the best IRC web chat script that was available under GPL. At first I wanted something written in PHP but while there are some PHP web chat scripts they aren't very bug free... My eye fell on the IRC:CGI by David Leadbeater. He created the ultimate chat script, at least according to my standards. More info about the script can be found on

After finding the right script I started to build a module around it so I could display it in PostNuke. While working on it I thought, why not getting the nickname from PostNuke... Or the server etc from a single config file... And so it began. By this time it has evolved into a lean, mean, and most of al 1337 chat module for PostNuke. And with your support and the backing of a great community resource: SourceForge I feel confident I will be able to squish any and all bugs, and implement all feature request that can be found.

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